The Curse of the Silver Swan
Mica, Grade 3, Vernon, BC

Long, long ago there was a beautiful girl named Saundra, sometimes known as the slumber girl, and this is why...........................

Every night after the villagers ate their supper Saundra would quietly creep into the villagers' rooms where she would play her musical harp and they would fall into a dreamy sleep. One day Saundra decided to go out of the village to another town to seek her fortune, however , when she got there, before her very own eyes stood a huge castle in which the evil king of Astrawnia lived, but unfortunately Saundra did not know that.

Saundra took a deep breath and slowly she reached up and quickly knocked. Suddenly a huge man, at least eight feet tall, greeted her and then beckoned her to come in. She sluggishly walked down the endless corridor, until she came to a chamber with a throne, and in that throne there was a man, and that was the king. 

"Hello", said the king, in a charming voice, "as you know I am the king of Astrawnia, please do sit down." So Saundra sat down as politely as she could. But the king was angry because Saundra never bowed a single time. She curtsied but that was not good enough. She tried everything but it just made the king even more angry. Finally the king roared, "STOP THIS FOOLISH NONSENSE, SIT DOWN AND PLAY YOUR HARP, NOW!!!!" Saundra quietly sat down and gently played her harp, however her fingers were getting quite tired so all of a sudden she stopped.

"Go on then!" said the king impatiently.

"I can't, my fingers are exhausted!" whined Saundra.

"Well then....if you don't....I'll curse you," bellowed the king.

"Yeah, right," thought Saundra. So all she did was sit there and do nothing. Then all of a sudden the evil king, who he was, twirled his hand and there was a flash of light as Saundra felt weird for a moment, then everything was back to normal.

Days went by quickly and Saundra still refused to play her harp. Winter soon went to summer. Then one late summer evening the people of the castle told Saundra she and the other females, who had been cursed, must go outside to the courtyard and wait. So she went outside and waited, when all of a sudden one of the 15 women suddenly turned into a silvery, breathtaking swan the size of a goose. Other women did the same thing. Finally it was her turn and she silently rose into the air. Her arms became a pair
of silky wings, as for her feet, they were now webbed with rubbery skin. Saundra flew over hilltops until she came to the misty town she had once lived in. She longed to go back but she could imagine how upset her family would be, but she knew she had to go.

So down she flew into the park she had once loved, and played in when she was young. Saundra came upon the very same boy that had enjoyed her harp playing so much. Saundra loved all the attention that the little boy had given to her so in return she gave the most pretty feather she had to the little boy and he held it up in the air for everyone else to admire. Then he held it close to his chest. Saundra flew away with happiness in her heart.

For the season she lived under a bridge, but spring was coming near, so over the lake she flew back to the castle of Astrawnia. On the way back she plucked out a feather from an Indian's hat, to replace the feather that she had given to the boy. When Saundra arrived at the castle she was just beginning to change back to her normal self. Then once again the man that was at least eight feet tall beckoned her to come in. Saundra did not want to come in but if she did not she didn1t know what tragic thing might happen to her. Then Saundra heard a noise that sounded like yelling and

"What's happening out there?" Saundra wondered.

"Shhhh!" said the man, "look out the window". When Saundra saw what was happening she gasped with horror. It was her very own father battling the evil, very evil, king of Astrawnia. Saundra rushed outside. 

"NO!" she cried, "this can't be true." Then all of a sudden Saundra's father twirled
his wand and there was a flash of light, the evil king lay on the ground, not even twitching.

Saundra's heart was filled with joy, her legs shaking. Saundra was so excited she could barely move. Saundra and her father talked a lot about what had happened in the past few months. Pense, Saundra's father, spent the whole day looking in books for a cure for the curse that she had been put under. Then finally at long last he found it, "The Curse of the Silver Swan." Pense did every thing that the book said, and guess what, the curse was gone, it evaporated into thin air and never came back again.

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