Sheela, Age 13, Deep River, ON

Darkness creeps towards me, around, around.
It fills me with fear but also with hate.
Through the cast emptiness I hear not a sound,
The darkness has taken it away beyond its looming gate.

The final gate into darkness is wide and tall.
I walk up to it feeling oh, so alone.
Now, right up beside it I feel very small.
A putrid smell wafts out: darkness' wretched cologne.

I step into the darkness where nothing exists.
"You must find the sound," says one jumbled thought.
"No, stay in the darkness," an evil one persists.
"You're trapped, call for help," but my voice is in a knot.

One small part of me knows I've stepped into doom,
But still, optimistic, I search in the gloom
and find hope, love, waiting for me
and sounds all around, a joyous symphony.

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