The Attack
Sheela, Age 13, Deep River, ON

While blogging in the smorf one day
I saw an orgollif, far away.
"Hey, you, orgollif!" I hiped out to it,
It torgled around, only to stay there and sit.
I sorgled up beside it, cautious and vram,
I thought everything was all right, but suddenly, SLAM!
The orgollif was on top of me, its' reks in my back,
I had not been prepared for this knopplish attack.
I struggled and honjilled, but atop me it stayed,
Then I saw, right before me, a grangylin swayed.
Knowing orgollifs hated grangylins I reached out in vain,
If I could just reach it the orgollif would be slain.
The orgollif tried to brik me but I moved just in time,
This orgollif was nastier than others I'd seen in this dwime.

I inched a bit closer to the life-saving grangylin,
If only I could reach it, this fight I could win!
But suddenly, the orgollif ceased its attack,
I looked up and saw a freb, with a scoke on its back.
"Klein this attack at once!" the scoke cried out.
Very afraid, the orgoliff ran off with a shout.
"Plong det," I said, and I really did mean it,
I picked myself up and on an egrix I did sit.
"It was no big deal," said the scoke, sounding furg,
"Well, I'd better be off," said I, and started down the klerg.
"No, stay a while, please," said the scoke on his freb,
"Well, alright, but only a while," I replied, feeling wreb.

When blogging in the smorf that day,
I had no idea what trouble would prey.
For that scoke on his freb was not all that he seemed,
He took of his disguise and I really did scream,
For he was an orgollif,
Atop a vorious breniliph!

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