The Horrors of Technology (Part 1)
Molly, Age 11, Kitimat, BC

The computers crashed and workers yelled “Evacuate!” Workers streamed outside. The computer unit blew up before their eyes and the produce and nuclear units collapsed. All the other unit buildings stayed together but the work inside was destroyed.

This is what happened in 4000 BR as it’s now called. BR stands for before restart. It used to be called AD but later they started to call it BR. The world’s technology, growth and about everything else you could think of was run from one place. No matter what job you had, it was connected to this place. In the explosion of 4000, all of that was destroyed. Even the simple things could not go on. So, they decided to restart the world. They decided to start from 1000 AD. They were going to start another factory to be worked on for the next thousand years. In the year 2000 AR they were going to release all the work to the world.

“Miles, can you come downstairs please?” Mammy called. 

Mammy was Miles’ mother. Miles was always reluctant to come downstairs. He was busy reading. He knew though, that he had to. Mammy only got one day off a month and Pappy actually came home for dinner so Mammy made a great dinner. 

“Miles Kombi, come down here this instant!”

“I’m coming Mammy!” he called. 

He put down his book called Future with Factories. His mother always said that he read too much for his own good. Actually, Miles was almost unnaturally smart. He knew things most people didn’t. Miles walked downstairs past his little sister, Dorothy.

“Didn’t Mammy call you to help with the cooking?” he asked.

“Nuh-uh!” said Dorothy. "Mammy said I could play with my new dolly, and that you have to cook!”

Miles seriously doubted that his mother had said this, but there was no point arguing. When he got downstairs, the kitchen was in an appalling state. 

“What have you done to the kitchen Mammy?” he asked.

“I haven’t done anything with it. You know I’m cooking dinner tonight. You should be glad, you hate those portable astro-dinners.”

Suddenly the door banged open and Miles' pappy walked in. 

“Is dinner a’ cookin'?” he asked.

“Yes, Marko, it is. I’m making spaghetti.”

“Spaghetti? What about roast beef? Why ain’t you making roast beef?”

“Marko, we don’t have any,” she stuttered.

“Well, go buy some!” he yelled.

Miles’ mother sighed, "Miles, can you go to the store to get some beef?”

“Yes Mammy.” He answered wearily. “Can I take the jet pack?”

“No, Miles, you can’t. You can take the speed shoes,” she answered.

The speed shoes were a pair of shoes that made it so that you could walk at the speed of lightning. Five minutes later Miles was back carrying a bag of beef.

“Here Mammy. Mr. Luster said it was fresh from the cow," Miles told her.

“Thank you, Miles. I hope your daddy won't mind spaghetti as a side dish,” said Mammy.

“Dorothy, dinner time!” called Mammy. The smell of spaghetti and roast beef wafted through the house.

“Y-ap-ap-ap-ap! Yaaaaaap! Yyyaaaaap” The broken yaps of the family robo-dog filled the kitchen.

“Oh dear,” said Mammy. “RIP is broken again.”

RIP stood for Robotic Intelligent Pet.

“It’s ok, Mammy," said Miles. “I’ll take it to Mike the mechanic tomorrow.”

Everyone sat down to dinner. As soon as the beef was in his father’s mouth, he spit it out.

“What is this?” he yelled.

“It’s the roast beef you wanted! You said you wanted roast beef!” insisted Mammy.

“Course I wanted beef! But this beef is old!”

“Marko, Miles brought it from the store an hour ago!” said an annoyed Mammy. “Practically fresh!”

“Well maybe it’s not old, but it sure tastes that way! Gimme some salt, this stuff is tasteless!”

Every month the family had to go through this. There was always something in particular that his father wanted and when he got it, he would complain about the taste.

Suddenly, Miles got an idea. 

“Mammy, I’m not hungry, can I take this beef for lunch tomorrow?”

“Are you sure Miles? You haven’t eaten much,” she replied.

“Yes Mammy. I won’t have to heat up a turbo lunch.”

That night Miles got up from bed. He snuck into his parents' bedroom with a pair of tweezers. He went to his father's open mouth and ran the tweezers across his tongue. His father grunted. He put the invisible molecules into a plastic bag. Then he ran them across his mother's tongue and put the material into the bag. Finally he went to his sister's room and did the same. He was doing this for an extra credit report. You see, if, in the grades 6 & 7 you complete 100 extra credit reports you join the group For Love of Education. He wanted to join this group because they get to go on field trips to the Factory. He sighed as he listened to his mother's heavy breathing in the next room. His mother worked at the Factory. The Factory was a single establishment placed at Ecuador, the centre of the earth. Workers from all over the place came there with light speed rocket sleds each morning. They were working on all the things that were lost in the explosion of 4000. All the work would be released in the year 2000 AR. All the work was supposed to be top secret. This was Miles’ last report. He had already finished and presented 99.

“Miss Admen! I finished my last one!” Miles told his teacher. "I'm ready to present and everything!”

“That’s great Miles! You can present during free speaking time," replied Miss Admen.

“This report is about taste bud genes. In my family, we all liked the roast beef we had. But my pappy didn’t. I took samples of all their taste buds and determined this: my mammy's genes came from my great-great grandmother. My sister's came from my uncle. My dad’s on the other hand came from my great uncle’s first daughter’s son’s second cousin twice removed. Mine came from my mammy. Any questions?”

To be continued.....

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