My Bad Day
Nathan, Age 14, Logan, OH
It was Tuesday, June 14, 2011, when it all happened. I was playing my best game of golf ever.
I had the lead with two holes left when my day went on a downward slump. I was on the 17th tee, a short par 3; I pulled out my 8 iron.

I hit the ball. It hit the green but rolled into the sand trap. I hit the ball on the green and then made bogey.

Now my lead was down to one stroke. I hit my drive on 18, a par 4.

My drive was good. Now the only thing that lay between me and a win was a pond in front of the green.

I was trying to be safe, so I used my 9 iron. But the shot didnít work the way I wanted it to and went right into the pond. Now I had to be perfect the rest of the hole. So I dropped in front of the hole but the pressure got to me and I hit into the pond again.

So the best round of golf I had played went bad. But that just shows that itís never over until the last putt.
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