Kerrigan, Age 14, South Bloomingville, OH
The sand edged its way between my toes as I walked carelessly down the beach. All I could do was think of him. His smile, his laugh, his body, the way I felt when he held me, and of course when we kissed. Nothing made sense anymore. How could this happen? All I know is that he was gone now, forever.

How could something like this happen to me? I am Lindsey Marie Ranoldy, 4.0 student, great athlete, and future homecoming queen. My life was perfect, how could this happen? The first guy I fell in love with I lost just like that. It really makes you stop and think how special life is.  His name was Landon Marcis. He was perfect. I met him on what I thought would be a great summer, but I was wrong—it ended up being a nightmare.

"When did it all happen? " asked Detective Stabler of the Miami Police Department.

"The beginning of summer, the summer of my senior year," I replied. My mom sent me and my little brother, Josh, to stay with my dad for the summer. I wasn't very thrilled about coming - me and my dad don't get along very well, but I thought, “Why not? I will get to spend the whole summer in Miami.”

"Why don't you and your father get along very well?" Detective Stabler asked.

"It's not that we hate each other. It's just that we don't always see eye to eye on everything." I replied.

"What don't you see eye to eye on?" Detective Stabler edged on.

"My future and stuff. I'm sorry but what does this have anything to do with things?" I said flustered.

"Okay, Miss Ranoldy, tell us what happened." he said.

"Okay," I replied.

When we arrived to the airport, it was like a family reunion in my father's eyes. It was all hugs and “I missed you” and stuff like that. All I wanted to do was go to the beach. After what seemed like forever, we finally arrived home, I mean my dad's house. Home is in New York. After we unloaded everything, I was on the way to my room when I saw this boy. Not just a boy—he was amazing.

I asked my father who he was and what he was doing.  My father told me, "He is working for me for the summer."

"Oh," I replied

My father could see I liked him and he called him over and introduced us. My father asked Landon if he would help me get settled and show me around. He called it sightseeing. I don't care what you call it; all I knew was that I would get to spend the entire day with him. We spent the rest of the day talking, sightseeing, and we even went swimming. I realized we had a lot in common. We had an instant connection.

I don't know if it was his blue eyes or what, but all I knew was I loved him. He was so mysterious like Edward Cullen out of the Twilight books. It was like an angel fell from heaven.

I'll fast forward to the day. When I got home from wind surfing, which I am terrible at by the way, the house felt odd, something wasn't right. It was so quiet. There was
a note father had left me saying he took my brother deep sea fishing and that he wouldn't be home for a while. I took my things up to my room.

Out of nowhere somebody grabbed me from behind. I tried to scream. I don't know how, but Landon heard me. The man held a knife to my neck. He told Landon if he came any closer he would slit my throat.

All that was going through my head was that I was going to die. I was never going to get to see my mother again, never get to see my little brother grow up, never see my
friends. All I could say is that I was not ready to go.

A tear ran down my cheek. I saw Landon run towards the man and try and take the knife. The man threw me down.

I must have been knocked unconscious. All I remember is waking up and seeing Landon fall to the ground, being stabbed over and over. I screamed. The man dropped the knife and ran.

I heard sirens. The neighbors must have heard me. I ran to Landon. He held my hand and told me he loved me. He died right there in my arms. He was gone. The boy I loved died trying to save me.

"Okay, thank you, Miss Ranoldy." Detective Stabler said.

All I could do was cry. "Don't mention it," I choked out.

As I walked out of the police station I had my brother and my father at my side. The ride back home was complete silence. I remember seeing many police cars, police men,
police tape, and the man who tried to kill me in the back of the police car. I went to my room and I packed. My father took us to the airport, but before we got on, he gave me a hug he told me he was sorry and that he loved me. Those words still stick with me.

When we arrived home my mother threw her arms around me and just cried. I sit here in my room, a year later. I'm packing for college. My memories from that summer still
stay with me. I don't think I will ever forget. I have these dreams where I see Landon. I know that he still and will always love me.
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