Maze of Branches
Christine, Age 15, Williston Park, NY
As I look down
I see the maze
In front of me
Branches entangled among each other
Twigs twisted tightly
Forming loop-de-loops
Leaves as brown as chocolate
Scattered so that they look like snowflakes
The whole mess looks as if someone has not brushed her hair
How will I even navigate through this labyrinth?
So many twists and turns
Swerves and swivels
How do I approach something so challenging
How do I see something so swampy and enigmatic?
As something as beautiful as a bountiful forest
I guess I will just have to take it step by step
Making sure not to trip over the heap of land
Or get scratched with the jagged branches
Until I reach the end of this challenging journey
Taking caution with each and every move I make
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