The Rolling Orange
Nicholas and Will, Age 13, Winter Park, FL
On a bright and sunny day, John Lasmic was on his way to the Aldi Grocery store. John manoeuvred his way through the parking lot and found his cart. Then he walked into the store.

John first looked at his list; then he headed over to the kitchen supplies aisle. After that, he got a couple cartons of milk and finally headed to the fruit section.

When Fred saw John coming, he floundered to the bottom of the orange basket. Fred wanted to stay in the store because he knew of all the gruesome things that happened to all his edible friends that left. Most of the other oranges were pretty casual about leaving the store because they didn’t know what would happen in the “outside world.” But Fred was as scared as a bat.

“Okay, what do I need first?” said John.

Then he looked at his list and turned in the direction of the apples. All of a sudden, Fred was pushed out of the orange basket. He was trying too hard to get to the bottom and ended up getting pushed in the process. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Fred.
John turned around to see what had happened, and saw a perfect bright yellow orange. As he walked towards Fred, Fred whispered, “No, no please not me!”

As John picked Fred up, Fred shook like particles in an object. Fred had always felt regal about himself, but now he was an ant in the palm of a human. Fred felt like stifling himself for making all that noise and rolling down the floor.

“Nice job, Fred!” whispered an orange. He was one of Fred’s best pals back on the old orange tree. They flourished together for almost a year, growing from the smallest blossoms to the juiciest oranges.

“I’ll miss you, my old friend,” said Fred. “Now you won't have to worry about hiding anymore!” said another orange.

Fred knew that they had no idea of what could happen to him, so he pretended to act confident while he thought of an escape plan.

Now he had to be Einstein doing a math problem, quick and slick. Fred knew it was vital for him to stay. Who knows how fickle the other oranges would be.

While Fred thought of his plan to escape, John manoeuvred his way through the boxes of fruits, sometimes stopping to look.

When Fred heard John gasp, he turned to see what he was staring at. There was nothing about the empty box that surprised Fred. Blood oranges, always the ones to vanish first. Fred looked into the box and saw all of the grimy dust just sitting there.
“Focus!” he whispered to himself, thinking of a plan.

Then he got an idea: he would get all the other groceries in the basket to help him escape John.

“Hey, hey you!” whispered Fred to the Barbie doll sitting next to him.

“Who me?” Barbie said back.

“I need you to do something for me, if you don’t mind,” said Fred. “Can you consolidate all of the other groceries in the cart to help me escape?” said Fred.

“Well sure, but why do you want to escape?” asked Barbie.

“Because, all the other foods and I will be eaten and ripped to shreds!” choked Fred.

“Oh golly,” said Barbie, “I am so sorry, but yes I will.” In about eighty seconds, Barbie had gathered a very docile looking group.

“Okay, everyone, here's the plan,” Fred told them. Fred’s plan was to stack all of the products on the side of the shopping cart; they had to leave some other products in the middle, so John wouldn’t get suspicious. Once they were stacked up, Fred rolled out of the basket with all the other foods, but John noticed; John picked all of them up except for Fred, who wouldn’t give up that easily.

“Go, go, go!” Fred encouraged himself to roll like never before. Finally, Fred found a corner and stopped right there. John walked past and wondered where Fred had gone.

“Hmmmmm,” said John, flustered. “Oh well, I can always go get another one.”

Fred’s momentum had gone down drastically, so he decided to wait there until he knew John had left. Then, John walked past with his cart. He was heading to the front of the store to the checkout. Fred moved prudently after John to make sure he was leaving.

“He’s almost gone, don’t worry,” said Fred. Finally, Fred found John waiting for the cashier to mark his products.

Then, the sounds of “beep boop beep boop bop” from the cash register made Fred the happiest orange alive. John then put the items back in his cart, the cashier typed in all the numbers, and John was on his way. Fred was once again a free orange.

He headed back to the fruit section to regroup with his friends. When he got there, they all asked what happened. He told them the story of how he had escaped, and how the others didn’t make it out. “Wow,” said Fred’s friends, “that was truly something!”

“Well I’m never doing it again!” yelled Fred, and all the oranges laughed.

This reassured Fred that this was his home, and he would never leave.... until.... Bill the baker went shopping.

The End
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