The Show
Andrea, Age 15, Parker, CO
I can smell the anticipation in the air,
Along with hairspray and exhilaration.
For this show, we are all well prepared.
But I recall the practices and feelings of frustration.

I hear the buzzing of voices from the wings.
I see girls adjusting their tutus, checking pointe shoes.
When we are on stage, we are all queens and kings.
This is the life we love and choose.

The dim stage lights flash, warning that we start soon.
My heart leaps and the nerves begin,
As the orchestra's instruments begin to croon.
I cannot help myself, I start to grin.

I walk slowly to the stage, as if in a trance.
The curtains ripple and open slowly.
I take a deep breath and begin to dance.
Now, I am finally free to be me.
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