Sweet Nightmare
Ayush, Age 10, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Once there lived a boy named Jack. He was very nasty and evil. He used to hit stray dogs and cats, pluck leaves and throw stones at birds. The plants and animals were terrified of him. They thought of teaching him a lesson.

One night, while Jack was fast asleep, the plants and animals came in his dream to give him a nightmare that would give him the creeps. Jack’s nightmare started with a chill that went down his spine. The old birds caught him by their beaks and flew high up in the air. He screamed and cried to land on the ground. Then the trees got hold of him and threw him in the air but he landed on a soft surface. Jack started to sweat by now. Suddenly many cats and dogs came running and started to hit him. Jack woke up with a scream. He looked around his room, his parents were present in the room. He told them about the whole story. Then he walked down the street and apologized to the plants and animals. They forgave him and they all became friends forever.
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