The Truth about Poems
Rachel, Age 11, Victoria, BC
Poems are solemn meant to be read like a sweet lullaby as the words fly on by.
Poems are not a cheerful or smiling matter not to be bothered by such jibber jabber.
Poems are for adults to relax and to be taught
Not for kids to dance to all day long.
Kids say that poems are just like songs but arenít they so wrong.
Music stole all poems touch, it`s hard not to complain this much.
Just sit and enjoy the rest of this tune, it will end very soon.
I hope I won`t turn in to a loon.
Poems and music are just the same, how could I be so lame.
This has turned into a funky tune, we won`t stop singing until the end of June.
Read this to all your friends and say this is where it ends.
Oh, I just can`t believe we all have to leave
I guess we made too much noise, isnít that right now girls and boys
Go on kids, go on and play, that is all I have to say
This is not a lie, this is now finally goodbye.
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