Summer and Winter
Jade, Age 14, Logan, OH
There are many differences between summer and winter. One difference is that summer is hot outside and winter is cold. Temperatures in summer can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, while in winter it can be below zero degrees Celsius. During the winter, people can enjoy sledding. During the summertime, people can enjoy swimming and water balloon fights.

A popular tasty treat that is eaten in the summer is ice cream. Hot chocolate is drunk by many people in winter to keep warm. Summer is mostly full of sunshine, while winter is very cold and has a lot of snow. Christmas happens to fall during winter. The fourth of July happens to fall during summer.

Despite the differences, there are many similarities about summer and winter. In the summer, outdoorsmen, even others, like going fishing. But in the winter, they can go ice fishing. Usually there is school in both seasons. Summer and winter may have many differences and similarities, but anyone can enjoy both seasons.
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