Albert the Elephant
Rylee, Age 13, Mattawan, MI
One day, Albert the elephant was walking through the forest. Albert was a big, purple elephant who was covered in sparkles. He was a special kind of forest-sparkle elephant. He was walking down the brown dirt path, which was surrounded by a million miles of green trees and bushes. While he was walking, he was thinking about how sad he was. "I wish I had a friend to play with," he thought.

He stopped. Then he started back up again, but very slowly. He walked and thought. He thought about his loneliness, he thought about how nobody wanted to be his friend, and he thought about his only family member. He knew how lonely he was.

Every day, he went outside to play. He started walking around the neighborhood, and knocked on every door, and asked people if they wanted to play. The response was always, “Go away, you have no friends, and I don't want to be the first one.”

He didn't let it bring him down, so he just kept moving from house to house. He also knew that what they said was true. Nobody wanted to be his friend. Sometimes when he walked up to somebody's house, they would already be outside playing with another friend. He would go up to them and say, “Can I play too?" The response was always “Go away, you have no friends, and I don't want to be the first one.”

Sometimes, he let it hurt him. Then he picked his heart right back up and kept looking for a friend that would accept him for who he was. Lastly, he knew there was only one person who loved him. She was his only family member--his sick, old grandmother.  When she and Albert were younger, they used to play together all the time. They would have so much fun playing giant hopscotch, jumping rope, and sometimes even Albert's favorite sport, soccer. He missed those days.

He shook his head and tried to forget everything he had just thought about. He hobbled on, searching for a new friend who would play extreme elephant soccer with him. With his tail swaying, he suddenly felt more confident. He stood up taller, stuck his trunk up in the air, and walked with a little hop in his step. With his trunk up, he couldn't see what exactly was ahead of him. Then, Bang! He ran right into a tree! He fell, and went unconscious.

He woke up to water being splashed on his head. The bunny, polka-dotted and yellow, was about to dump a bucket of water all over him. “Stop!” He yelled. The bunny set the bucket down. Albert gave him the what-just-happened-to-me look.

“You just ran into a tree! Why weren't you looking where you were going?”

“I know this neighborhood like a bird knows its nest. I didn't think I was going to run into something! Who are you?”

“I'm Bouncy Bunny! You can call me Bounce. Would you like to come over to my house?”

“Really? Are you sure?” Albert questioned. Was someone actually inviting him over?

“Well, yes. Why not?” Bouncy Bunny was sounding confused.

“Well, I have asked everyone in this neighborhood to play, but they always say 'Go away, you have no friends, and I don't want to be the first one,' so I didn't think you would want to have me over,” Albert said.

“Well, why would they say that? That is so mean! People shouldn't judge you because you are different. I happen to like your color, and I like how big you are, and I like how nice you are.” Bouncy Bunny lectured.

“Really?” Albert couldn't believe his giant, floppy ears. Did someone actually like him?

“Of course!” Bouncy Bunny yelped with delight.

“Then let's go!” Albert said with a smile that stretched the whole forest.

The two walked into the green, rainbow striped house of Bouncy Bunny. They walked into the kitchen, and Bouncy Bunny told him to sit down in the chair. He had a feeling that the chair was going to break, but he kept thinking, "It won't break.  Believe in yourself, Albert!" And it didn't break! Bouncy Bunny came back with two cups of tea.

“Thanks Bounce!” Albert said. They drank up, then went up in Bouncy Bunny's room. The walls were covered in yellow paint, the same color as Bouncy Bunny's fur. Then, there were neon orange polka dots, so it looked just like him. There was one wall with no paint though. All it had were pictures. Pictures of lots and lots of bunnies. Albert could tell it was his family. They all had quite a few things in common. The only other thing in his room was a bed.

“How come you only have a bed in here?” Albert asked.

“Well, I just moved in so I don't have very much stuff yet.” he replied.

“So that's why I've never seen you before?”


They walked around the room. Albert studied the picture wall. Walking back to the door, Albert tripped and fell on Bouncy Bunny's bed. He broke the posts holding it up, so now it was flat on the floor. “I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to!” Albert apologized.

“It's okay!” said Bouncy Bunny, “It was too tall for me anyway.” They walked down stairs, and Albert saw the television. The television, a big black screen of terror, haunted Albert. He had some bad television memories.

“Would you like to watch some T.V.?” Bouncy Bunny asked.

“No! I have another idea.” Albert lead him down the path going toward his house. They stopped in Albert's front yard. They were about to play his favorite game. Elephant soccer--kicking balls, running fast, and scoring goals--was his favorite game.

“What are we going to do?” Bouncy Bunny asked.

“Do you know how to play soccer?” Albert asked back. “I love that game!” Bouncy Bunny replied.

“Good! Let's play!” Albert said excitedly. The game was heaven. They both had so much fun playing. When Bouncy Bunny won, they shook hands and Albert started slowly walking Bouncy Bunny home, since they were so pooped. Halfway down the path, they stopped, and Albert questioned, “See ya tomorrow?”

“Well, of course!” Bouncy Bunny said cheerfully. They waved and Bouncy Bunny kept walking forward while Albert turned around and headed toward his own house. While he was walking, he started thinking about how un-lonely he was, now that he had a best friend.
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