Attractionless Parks
Mark, Age 10, Clinton Township, MI
I walked into the park, a detective in training on vacation. Now that I'm twenty-five, my job pays for vacations. “They’re gone, they’re gone!” The people yelled. As I heard this I started running toward where the people were running in the animal kingdom. Like a good detective I kept my uniform in my shoulder bag. I put on my badge, trench coat, and my fedora. I put my notebook, pencil, and finger print kit in my pocket along with my folded up shoulder bag. I ran to the closest attraction and all the cars and animals were gone from the Kilamanjarol safari. As I ran around, the areas where the attractions used to be were blank. I talked to a witness who said there was a man's silhouette in the helicopter that took Mt. Everest. I put a note of a man in my notebook.

I drove my Mustang to the Magic Kingdom. I walked to the Pirates of the Caribbean. All that was there was water spouting from the ground. There were no boats at the jungle cruise. There was a lone comb on the ground. I also found footprints leading to the Haunted Mansion ride, but high heels made them.
“It looks like were dealing with multiple, experienced robbers,” I reported.
After I checked for fingerprints I went to my hotel, Pop Century. There was a giant Mickey phone outside the building. There was also a giant trike. I called the maintenance building, and they said the female workers for the Haunted Mansion wear high heels because it’s part of their costume.

When I woke up in the morning, I used the Internet to see if anyone rich hated this attraction park. I discovered a mastermind team of Jarrett and Mr. Hemler, who the day before had been at a student council convention. Whatever ride they went on broke down. I also found a Jerome Wilkin who is the owner of University Studios. So I have my suspects, I thought.

I drove to Hollywood Studios, and even the shops were ransacked. I saw a small square paper on the statue of a camera. It was a picture of the entrance to University Studios. I drove to Epcot and found a small hole in Germany with pretzel salt around it. “Someone must like hot pretzels,” I said.

Jerome Wilkin is tall, skinny, and shorthaired. Jarrett is medium height, shorthaired, skinny, and hates hot pretzels. Mr. Hemler is tall, shorthaired, kind of round, and hates hot pretzels. I had a final destination. Somewhere all my suspects were waiting.

At University Studios some rides looked familiar but rides and snack areas were everywhere. I walked into a boardroom and my suspects were standing in a line. A shiver went down Jarrett’s spine as I walked in. I could tell something was coming out.

“Fine, I took more change than I was supposed to,” Jarrett exclaimed.

“You,” I pointed, “are under arrest in the name of the law.”

WHO DID IT????!!

Jarrett and Mr. Hemler had an alibi twice. The first was just the day before they were at a student council convention. The second was that they hated hot pretzels.

The thief was indeed the billionaire, Jerome Wilkin. The evidence was the picture and it also showed the thief was tall. The hole showed the thief was skinny. The silhouette showed the thief was a man. The small comb showed the thief had short hair.

Jerome told me he hated theme parks and wanted to make more money. So he is going to jail for who knows how long.

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