A Day Called SUMMER
Lauren, Age 12, Surrey, BC
Have you ever loved a summer morning?
Listening to the chirping, tweeting birds.
Sitting on the patio eating those savoury strawberries, feeling that blissful breeze.
Smelling that sunscreen you just put on, preparing yourself for the day.

Have you ever loved a summer afternoon?
Scorching sun, crashing waves.
Superb snorkelling underneath.
Drinking your luscious lava flow, same colour as your sunburnt skin.

Have you ever loved a summer evening?
Staring at the blazing bonfires, blasting the beats.
Full of friends, sharing lots of laughs.
No one wants to leave.

Have you ever loved midnight in the summer?
Midnight movies at sleepless sleepovers.
Just enough jokes make memorable moments.
Staring at the starry skies, slowly starting to close your eyes.
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