Far, Far Away
Amanda, Age 14, Alameda, CA
Sometimes I get sick of this town
The same old people always knocking me down
Iím tired of my never-changing story
Doing identical things every night and morning
I canít always face the familiarity
For these lousy people I fake sincerity
What I really need is some clarity
I want to get out of this city
I want some simplicity
I want to fly in an airplane over the oceans
Leaving behind irrelevant emotions
Escaping commotion
I want to drive on an empty highway
Iíll disappear to somewhere far away
I just want to leave
I canít take the endless nonsense I receive
Iíll meet new people and try new things
My life will mean something
Iíll forget this place
Iíll forget the doubtful faces
Off to live life at my own pace
Because itís not a race
I can forget what theyíve all said
About me, this teenager whoís ďnot right in the headĒ
Maybe Iím just a letter, incorrectly read
But they still cause rumors that never fail to spread
Oh, well, change is ahead
Iíll give them something to talk about
And eventually Iíll fade out
Theyíll forget me
Iíll flee
Iíll be in my new city
New people to meet and new sights to see
Far from this catastrophe
Finally free
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