Elizabeth, Age 14, McKinney, TX
The air is cold, deep, dark; full of constant tears
My cold hands shake with frightening dread
Dimly I see Mother’s face standing ‘round my bed
She waits in terror as Death’s foot nears
But death is not the villain – No! 'tis Fear that appears
He reaches icy fingers, anxious for the feat ahead
His eyes delight in evident victory, waiting for the dead.
Hence I call in anguish – Lord! Hear me, Sir! Give me your ears!
For Fear has ruled my heart, my life; Indeed, my spirit longs
For freedom from this fearsome Fear, for melody of love,
Guidance from God Almighty, great power from above.
Cleanse me of my dark sins! Wash away my wrongs!
Did He hear? I cannot tell - how could I ever know?
But ‘twas then that Peace took my heart, and fearsome Fear let go.
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