My First Day of School
Alondra, Age 14, Hubbard, OR
My first day in the middle school was awesome. However I was really scared because I was going to a bigger school with new teachers. On the other hand I was really excited because I was going to see my friends again. We were in the cafeteria when we heard a loud noise. Another student that had been here before said, "Thatís the bell that means that it time to go to your classroom."

My friend Elizabeth and I had the same teacher, but we didnít know where to go until a teacher said 6th grade hall is this way. My friend and I went where the teacher had told us to go. We saw a teacher and we stopped to ask her if she knew where we have to go. She said, "You guys have to go to your class."

My friend Elizabeth said, "But we donít know what class we have."

"Ooh," said the teacher. She asked for our papers where it tells us what class we have. She smiled at us then she said, "Both of you are in my class.  Here, Iíll take you." We were glad that we found her.

Finally we got to our class room and Mrs. Testa asked us to go and sit down and wait for the other students. The first class that we had was language arts, that is the same as literature, and then we had our rotations.  All the students had something different.

It was finally recess time.  I was really happy because I was going to see my friends again. We went outside, and I saw all my friend waiting for me and Elizabeth, but the bad thing was that we only had 10 or 15 minutes left and the time went really fast.
Then we had to go to lunch, but we didnít have much time to talk about our summer before we had to go back to class. We had math and two more classes, but we didnít do hard things or anything. We just reviewed the school's rules. We still had social studies and science--two more classes to go.

We were in social studies went the loud bell rang again and that meant that it was time to go home. We cleaned and got our things.  All my friends and I were walking to the bus when we passed by our old school.  It was sad but we had to keep walking. My friends and I got to our bus, and I said to my cousin, "I never thought that I was going to have so much fun today."
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