Boy, Girl, and Mirror
Jamie, Age 12, Bangkok, Thailand
His name was Boy; hers was Girl. They lived a solipsistic existence on a lonesome star with no name, where the days were short and the nights unbearable. From their place in the universe they had a view of everything - from Mars to Jupiter to the uncharted worlds beyond. They called this magnificent view the Mirror. Girl and Boy watched the happenings of life and death everyday, daybreak to nightfall, until sweet lady slumber came to kidnap them.

One day Boy asked his friend, "What do you suppose all these animals and people in other places know of us?"

To this she laughed and said, "Nothing, Boy! We are specks of dust, floating endlessly, clinging to everything but nothing at once."

Boy persisted. "But surely they see us as we see them?"

Girl shook her head. "A mirror can be one sided."

"So no one knows we are here."


They lapsed into an audible silence as they pondered this statement.

Boy spoke first. "Isn't it funny - although we know all these planets and stars, none know us?"

Girl nodded. "We are shadows."

He fidgeted. "That doesn't feel right."

"Why ever not?"

"We are so near yet far away. Girl, isn't it strange how not a single soul in this wide, tall world save me knows you exist somewhere on a star somewhere in a galaxy somewhere in a universe?"

To this she shrugged. "Shadows are meant to stay, keep still, and fade away. Perhaps we are meant to do the same, my friend."

A trillion days passed. On the last day they lay down and watched the day fold into night across a billion solar systems. Little by little they gently faded into a pale black; and it was so that by morning there was dust where they had lain and a quiet settled over the tiny planet. Many nightfalls later two new visitors arrived. His name was Man; hers was Woman.
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