Kaye Koldkrazk's Mission
Ellena, Age 10, Shanghai, China
I am Kaye Koldkrazk and I work at the K Kafe. K Kafe is a cafe which Kat and I set up for business. Kat is my sister and my only living relative. Our parents died because of a drunk Q man. The Q man was a Quish person driving to Q-ville. You probably don't know, but in our world, alphabet letter villes actually matter. Take Zey. Zey is probably the poorest child in school. It's because Z- and X-ville are the poorest villes in our alpha world.

Something terrible happened to Kat! I looked around all her favourite places in K-ville but nothing! The K government suspects that the Z-villers could have kidnapped her! So I'm getting ready for a mission to save Kat. It matters more to me. Like I told you, Kat's my only family member that's living. Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle, Auntie and Mum and Dad are all dead.

So, I'm off for my mission! I'm in my helicopter to Z-ville. It takes a loooooong time to get there. It's, like, at the end of the world!
I finally arrive! I quickly hide into a bunch of bushes. There's Zey! I pull Zey into the bushes and ask him, "Where's Kat?" He points to the zoo. It looks like the zoo on the outside, but it doesn't on the inside. It looks like a prison!

I look around in a hurry before the Z-ville troops come marching in. There's Kat! I thrust open the locked door and hold her. I run back to my helicopter and off we go! Back to home!!

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