Magic Box
Lauren, Age 12, Surrey, BC
I will put in my box a sparkly sky,
where a comfy white cushion will rest on a cloud.
That is where I will sit,
when I watch over my land.

I will put in my box the first words of all children,
the first petal of a melodic flower,
the last hug of a loved one.
All the memories that make me smile :)

I will put in my box the tallest giraffe,
to pick the juiciest red apple from the tall, tall, tree.
All of my favourite fairy tales will come to life.
Fantasies are alive in my box.

I will put in my box the funniest pranks,
the Eiffel Tower at night,
a smiling sun named after the people I love.
And all the time in the world.

My box is designed with my preferred colours.
Swirls, spirals, plenty of patterns. Smooth, rough, fuzzy, sticky.
My box has the scent of freshly picked roses.
Id be proud to share my masterpiece with the world.

I shall dance and sing in my box on a real Broadway stage
as though no one is watching, no one is listening,
I shall do the most embarrassing, amusing things.
I will throw watermelons from rooftops and wear spaghetti as hair.
Only in my box.
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