The Magical Pen
Katya, Age 14, Aurora, OR
This pen is anything but ordinary. With just three clicks you could go anywhere in the world--the only thing is that you've got to make sure you are thinking of the date and time you are currently in. If you don’t, you will end up in a different time zone. This pen was created by the Devil to help a man do terrible things to the world. The man’s name is unknown.  Because of this man, a big war was started between two huge countries. Our country, Indolesia, and the country Zambogly. These two countries have been silently fighting for many years. The fighting didn't start until the year that a cruel general got the evil pen  Ever since then, our country has never been the same.

This general had begged on his knees for some help from the main devil himself to somehow win and get respect from all over the world. Suddenly a deep red glow had began to grow brighter and brighter with every second. Poof! The glow disappeared leaving a shiny black pen. As the general began to approach the pen, he heard a whisper. He paused, looked up and saw nothing, then reached for the pen again. As he reached down, he heard the whisper again.  The general stopped to listen and slightly heard someone say "beware" over and over ever so slightly, as if the wind was the one who was saying it.
The general ignored the warning and picked up the pen. He felt a slight tingle, which almost instantly got replaced by a slight burn. Feeling powerful, the general clicked the pen three times and……BOO!

“Ahhhh!!!,” the whole class screamed.

“Hahahahaha!” Gabe laughed, “I scared you guys.

“Go to the principal’s office now!” the teacher bellowed.

“Whatever you say,” Gabe sighed.

On the way to the principal’s office, Gabe tripped and silently cussed to himself.  He turned around to see what tripped him and noticed a pen shrinking down to a regular size. With a confused look on his face, Gabe picked up the pen, almost dropping it. He silently thought to himself, “Hmmm it looks exactly like the pen I described in the story I wrote and got in trouble for. Dang teachers getting me in trouble all the time. I don’t like them. Grrrrrr.”

Gabe curiously clicked the pen to see if it wrote. “Click"...Nothing. “Click”…Nothing again. “What is this?” Gabe said out loud.

“What is what, young man?” the principal asked.

“N...Nothing sir,” Gabe stammered.

“Hmm,” he paused as if to think. “Very well then.  Are you here to see me?”

“Yes sir, I am,” Gabe said with as much confidence as he could.

After Gabe told the principal why he was in his office, the principal began laughing hysterically and told Gabe that he could go with a warning, laughing between every word.

As soon as Gabe got home, he took the pen out. Examining it carefully, he thought of how he found it.

He clicked the pen and saw a red glow growing brighter and brighter to the point where Gabe had to shield his eyes. When Gabe looked up again, the glow was gone and he was lying on the floor in the hallway of his school. Gabe slowly stood up looking around. That’s when he saw the pen shrinking once again. Gabe quickly picked the pen up and heard the principal walk up behind him.

“What are you doing on the floor young man? Shouldn’t you be in class?”

“Isn’t class over?” Gabe asked puzzled.

“No, Third Period only just started, not even twenty minutes ago…” the principal answered with pride.

“Wha…” Gabe began to ask but thought against it.

“What was that?” the principal asked.

“Nothing, sir,” Gabe said, walking away staring at the pen. Gabe went back to class dazed. The teacher and students decided to leave him alone.
Once Gabe got home, he ran upstairs and gave the pen a closer look. He decided to test it out once more. He clicked the pen once trying to think of somewhere to go. He clicked the pen a second time.  "Think harder!" he thought.  Right before he clicked the third time, he said, “I got it!” a little too loud.  “Uh oh.” Way too loud. He quickly put his pen away, three seconds before his mom walked in. “Phew,” he thought.

“What’s going on in here?” his mother asked.

“Just looking for my science book, Mom,” Gabe replied quickly with a sigh of relief.

“Can you please go wash the dishes?” Gabe’s mom asked.

“I’m a little busy, can it wait?”

“I didn’t ask you, I told you,” Gabe’s mom demanded.

“All right,” Gabe sighed.

He quickly washed the dishes and ran back upstairs. Then he clicked the pen. Again he saw a faint glow growing brighter and brighter until he had to shield his eyes. When he opened them, he was back in the hallway. He practically screamed because he knew exactly were he was: school. Right away he jumped up and ran into the bathroom to avoid talking to the principal again.

This time when he went home, he didn’t click the pen. He stayed up all night trying to figure out why he kept coming back to the school and not anywhere else. He started pacing at midnight. He accidentally ran his foot into the bed, bruising his toe badly. It was exactly one o’ clock when he clicked the pen three times again. The pen grew brighter and brighter and brighter than ever before. Gabe put his pillow over his face to shield his eyes. When he woke up, he was still in his room but standing instead of sitting. He looked at the clock and it was midnight again. He then noticed that he was pacing. He stopped right before he hit his toe. He then began to realize that the pen only brings you back to the moment in that day when you hurt yourself somehow. It was almost exactly like the pen in the story, but you can’t choose to go further back into the future.
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