No Fear
Sadie, Age 14, Hubbard, OR
It is the competition of the engine
It is what joy and pride bring to win
The time is crucial
But they have no fear

Each as nervous as the next
All year working and tuning
All year making sure to qualify
Then you do

Back to the trailer
Back to the crew
You check once
Then twice

Your engine is running fantastic
The confidence is running through your veins
And you have that feeling
The feeling of knowing

The suit you wear so hot
But making you safe as youíll ever be
Worth it or not
Safety is always number one

Climb in
As your crew wish you luck
As reality sinks in
So does the fear

Most of not knowing the outcome
But you and everybody know you are the best
So you lower the bar
And roll up to the line

We all watch the Christmas tree light
Yellow light tension grows
Another yellow and yellow
Then green light then go

No time for hesitation
So you step on cold untouched pedal
Pedal to the metal
Donít let off till the end

And you win
All the hard work pays off
Excitement grows inside you
As you hear your crew and the fans cheer
And you realize
You have no fear
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