The Price Tag Revelation
Amanda, Age 14, Alameda, CA
Money canít buy me happiness
Money canít buy you success
No benefits will form unless
You make an effort to be your best
Unless I live my life to the fullest
Live and let live
Apologize and forgive
Cherish this day for what it is
Thank and give
You donít need material possessions to smile
Mere things wonít make life more or less worthwhile
Only people can give us what weíve missed
Weíre distracted so we forget
Our concentration these days doesnít exist
Without money, weíd all be rich
Thereís beauty out there but we just canít see it
The truth hurts
But nothing you can buy has true worth
Nothing with a price tag on this sad earth
So throw it all away
Lose yourself in this fray
Strive to be the difference
Because precious moments canít be purchased
Life itself is priceless
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