Silly Regrets
Amanda, Age 14, Alameda, CA
Every night when Iím lying in bed
I replay the dayís events in my head
I concentrate on what I shouldíve said
The things I shouldíve done instead
Since I canít accept it
I regret it
I canít change it
Nor can I erase it
And I certainly canít face it
I try so hard to sleep
But Iím caught in these sheets
Stuck with the worthlessness that lies underneath
There are so many days I want to relive
But would I learn anything worthwhile if I did?
So when Iím looking back at whatís happened
I learn to no longer take things for granted
I make the most out of all things that happen
I know thereís no such thing as a second chance
I wish to redo my life but I canít
Maybe thatís the beauty of it
That what you make is what you get
There might not always be a tomorrow
You can live in full today, though
So donít focus on the past
Live only for the forecast.
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