Spring Day
Subhag, Age 9, Raleigh, NC
Wrens start to sing "tweet"
Brown squirrels pop out of their holes
Now spring has begun

The trees grow few leaves
Beautiful flowers have bloomed
The snow is melting

Fish swim in a stream
Not knowing black bears have come
The bears break their fast

Hares jump to safety
Fox has come ready to pounce
On a helpless hare

Blue jay picks her mate
White tailed deer squeal to their fawns
"Oh dear! Oh sweet dear!"

Moose gobble up grass
They have not eaten in months
A wolf glares at them.

The fierce beast yawns big
It relished its big noon meal
The sun is scorching

Some animals rest
Birds get shade from the tree tops
Twilight starts to come

The owl is hooting
The moon is seen in the dark
Good night, spring nature!
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