Silas, Age 9, Hong Kong
One day, when I was watching television, I fell asleep. In my dream, I saw a genie standing in front of me. Suddenly, he spoke to me and promised to grant me a kind of superpower. He asked me what kind of superpower I wanted. I replied, “When I speak a desire, it will come true.” After I said this, the genie disappeared.

The next morning, I woke up a bit late, so I did everything very quickly. I went to school as usual and had my PE lesson. In the lesson, our coach asked the whole class to run along the path surrounding the school. So, all of us tried our best to run as fast as we could. However, I was lagging behind everybody. Seeing that, my coach asked me to speed up. Then, I spoke to myself, “If I can be the fastest one in the class…” Before completing the sentence, I was suddenly in front of all my classmates. When they saw me rushing at super high speed to the front, they were all surprised.

During lunch time, I was queuing up to buy lunch with my friends. Finally, it was my turn. I ordered a set from the four options. However, the amount was too little, so I was a bit disappointed. We found a table, sat down and ate the first spoonful of food. “Oh…it tastes awful!” I cried out because it was so tasteless. “This food is too bad. Can I have rice with toasted chicken and fried egg, as well as some French fries?” I joked to myself. Unexpectedly, the food immediately became the food I wished. I was extremely delighted and excited. Then, I shared my food with all my friends.

Today, I was satisfied. With my superpower, I made my friends joyful.
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