When I Was Lost
Falcon, Age 13, Aurora, OR
I was eight years old, the first time I got lost. When I went to Mexico, sometimes I worked to get my money. We were walking towards the church when we heard a special person that I knew had died. We never knew that today he had passed away. I got sad. I wanted to give him a last goodbye before he was buried, never to be seen again.

We went to a special store where they sold beautiful flowers. I bought the most expensive flowers they had in stock. It cost me 25,268.83 pesos. In American money, it cost $258.83. I forced myself to buy it. I told my uncle to take me to his funeral so I could say my last goodbye. When I went to his funeral, a lot of people that he knew came to tell him “goodbye” and “God bless you.”  I was at the very back because I got embarrassed saying goodbye in front of so many people. I waited two hours so I could be in front of him. He was freezing cold; you could tell from his skin. He looked so calm--I think that he wanted to die because he looks so peaceful in his own grave.

When everyone was gone, I threw my flowers beside his grave. Somehow, in the blink of an eye, everything turned completely white. Smoke was everywhere.  I started walking to the exit, but somehow everything was so long I couldn't even make it, so I called my dad to pick me up, but my phone had not signal. My skin started to feel like it was turned inside out. My hair started to get so cold, I started to run away. I bumped into this person, but I couldn't remember who he was.
“What’s you name, son?” he asked into a very deep voice.

“Um, my name is Johnny...” I told him.

“So you did come to my funeral. I see now you just want to go home, don’t you?  I wonder if you were even going to say hi when you walked beside me,” he yelled at me.
“Dude, I thought you were dead,” I told him.

“I AM,” he whispered.

I started running away as fast as I could. I saw my dad's car. I ran even faster. I told him to drive the fastest way home. He was asking me why was I so white, as if I saw I ghost. I told him the whole story. He wouldn’t believe me.
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