World of Teenage Smoking
Promise, Age 12, Manchester, UK
Today many teens are becoming addicted to tobacco, which contains nicotine. Nicotine is a very addictive and its effects take place rapidly. Smokers' breath and clothes and hair stink. Smoking can also cause asthma, cancer and can affect your body organs. As a matter of fact, first-time smokers can feel poorly when they smoke cigarettes or tobacco.

Some teens like to smoke because their parents smoke or it might have been passed down through their parents' generation to them. Teens are peer-pressured to smoke to make themselves look cool or stay with a bad gang of people who they are friend with.

An average smoker spends an enormous one thousand two hundred and thirteen pounds on cigarettes every year. With that amount of money you could buy a car and loads of other items you can think of. Lads and ladies, money is meant to be spent on something useful.
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