The Explorers
Ayush, Age 11, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
The White family had just shifted to London. Their new house was big enough to hold forty people. Natalia and Lance were very sad. All of their friends were in USA. But after entering their room they forgot all about their friends. The room had two bunk beds, one for each of them, two wardrobes, two study tables and all new toys. Both were now happy.

After some time, Mrs. White called them for breakfast. They had a hearty meal of bacon, bread, scrambled egg and tarts. Lance suggested the idea of exploring the humongous house. They started with the bedrooms, then the balconies, then came the bathrooms, after that the garden, also the garage and finally the attic. Natalia was afraid at first, but Lance convinced her that it was not spooky. When they went inside it was very dark and dusty. Natalia quickly got a torch. It was empty except for an old chest of drawers, a trunk and a mirror. Suddenly Lance screamed with fright and delight in his voice. He pointed towards a door hidden by the mirror. They were about to open it when their mother called them for lunch.

After lunch, they took a nap and then again went to the attic. This time they took two torches, one rope, a pocket knife and a walkie talkie. They thought they might have to do something adventurous. They opened the door and walked into a room filled with doors. Natalia said these may be doors to other people's attics. They walked and walked and walked and finally came to an end.

Lance said, "This is maybe the end of our street."

Suddenly Natalia got an idea. She said that the house on the end of the street was empty. "We could make it our playground!" They opened the door of that house to find a laboratory with many acid liquids, tubes and a washbasin. They thought someone must be trespassing here. When they went further, they saw a gang of criminals making a plan. There were about nine or ten members. They were discussing the robbery they were going to do in a bank. Lance and Natalia quickly ran and went back to their own attic. That night they had difficulty sleeping; they woke up after every now and then.

Next morning, they tried to think of some ideas but got none. Then Lance suggested a good idea. At about 10 am they went to the empty house at the end of the street. They rang the bell several times, but there was no reply. Natalia noticed a slight move of the curtain in inside the window. And then came a goofy looking guy who said they were not at home. Lance and Natalia laughed and told him that he had told them that they were not at home. The leader of the gang came and scolded the guy. The guy sobbed and went inside. Then the leader asked what they had come for. The children acted as if they belonged to a nearby neighbourhood but had lost their way. They asked him to tell them the directions to go back. The leader let them in and gave the directions. Lance said that he was very hungry and asked if he could get a biscuit. When the goofy guy and the leader went in the kitchen, they locked the kitchen door and ran towards the laboratory, which was in the attic. The scientist was experimenting with a new formula. The children searched the whole room for some liquid that would make the scientist faint.

Natalia spotted a test tube with a liquid of a sea green-blue colour with the label “Fainting Potion.” They ran and quickly threw the potion at the scientist, giving him no time to do anything.

They went back to their home and informed the police and the whole neighbourhood about the criminals. When the police arrived, they praised the children and said that they would get an award for catching a gang of most wanted criminals. After all, the explorers saved the day!
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