My Gift to the World
Allison, Age 13, NJ
Dancing through the infinite space,
Bouncing off the planets with my nimble feet.
Alas past Jupiter, Venus, and Mars,
Spying the spotted blue globe.
Her sweet voice echoing,
As she sings for the birds.

Stepping onto the pathway,
My feet crushing each other nervously.
I canít breathe at alló
Not as the air is fleeting my gasping lungs of life,
But because Iím nervous to approach the beauty
Of life.

Iím diverse, as you may say,
Will she accept me?
Will World accept me for who I am?
Others around me, most of them,
Do not.
But, I will not appear as possessing myself
With doles of ingratitude.
Why shall I be so nervous?
Why does it rip at my voice with its bitter teeth,
Immature nervousness and unreality.
But so as, I must show World
Of my gift,
Without further ado.

I crack the whip and corral the nervousness,
And skip steps as I jump about the star struck Milky Way,
As the green blue figure, she appears,
And is dumbfounded by my presence.
I swallow the lump in my throat,
Wondering if Iíll ever be able to speak to her
Without that scared feeling hissing at my
But I shall not act upon as merely dishonest,
And I step forward with my gift, a ribbon in my hair,
Marking its specialty.
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