A Vibrant Mind
Amanda, Age 14, Alameda, CA
In me are dreams, systems, myths, and ideals
And I write them in pen because I canít edit what I feel
This is raw
This is real
With a black notebook below my wrist
Everything is clear
Iíve reached the final frontier
My words become sincere
My thoughts become severe
Nothing can interfere
My mindís pollution disappears
And itís pleasant to know Iím not recognized
I donít want to be idolized
This bed is home to my creativity
And I donít want it to turn into captivity
Iím try to put some color into this black and white world,
donít want beauty to be blurred
Intelligent thoughts shouldnít be slurred
I canít hide in this room for the rest of my life
But the outside world is deceit, hell, and strife
The thing is, Iím occupied
And Iím satisfied
And anything but tongue-tied
So Iím going to hide
This is my choice;
Hear my voice
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