The Aquarium
Kristen, Age 13, Logan, OH
On our long family trip to the aquarium, we all wanted to explore different things. My mom and I wanted to see everything. But dad and Jerry, my little brother, only wanted to see the sharks. So we just decided to look at everything on the way to the sharks.

First we came to the jellyfish, which looked squishy. They floated around freely and looked like they were enjoying themselves.
Next came the penguins. We all enjoyed watching them jump off the ice and swim around. We stayed there for quite a while until Jerry got impatient. Then we left and headed on our way to the SHARKS! I have to admit that they were interesting to watch, but I still didn't like being that close to them with their sharp teeth! We stayed to watch the sharks for a very long time because Jerry loved watching them swim around.
On our way to leave the aquarium we came out on the opposite side that we came in. There, on the other side of the aquarium, were dolphins!! And not only did you get to watch them swim, but they let you ride them too! Jerry and I begged mom and dad to let us ride. After a few minutes of begging, they finally gave in. Jerry and I were having so much fun that mom and dad got wet suits and rode too!

All in all we all had an amazing time at the aquarium and got to see amazing animals!
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