The Black Widow Spider
Jack, Age 8, Shanghai, China
The black widow spider;
a ghastly outsider.
Its horrible jaws just
laugh, “Hee haw!”
One day, you take a stroll and say,
“Help! Black widow says I'm prey!”
And soon enough, to it you beg,
This horrid bug, eight eyed, eight legged,
To not eat you, silently you pray
This may be your last day!
It creeps toward you, it crawls toward you,
On eight legs it treks toward you, and
Sniggers, laughs, and cackles at you
Emotionally it tackles you
It drools venom, you cry, “Help!”
You scream and shout, yell and yelp,
You think, and then your brain pops, “Ping!”
You call your mom to do something
She brings out the bug zapper
You guess you can live ever after
She zaps the bug, you breath, “HOORAY!”
Finally you got saved……for today!
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