My Favorite Parts of Suzhou
Douglas, Age 8, Shanghai, China
This October I went to Suzhou.

My favorite thing there was the basketball tournament because my brother and I were on the same team. We beat the other team 24 to 2. And I scored one three-point and my brother scored the rest of the points. And we also got free Sprite for the award. And there were other people on our table. They won a scavenger, so they got two cans of Sprite, and they also bought everybody one. So everybody at our table got two and my brother and I got three. I was so happy that day.

My second favorite thing was the game we played where you get to lucky draw and see what your job is.

I got common people. That was also good. At the end we checked to see who had the most money and we were so surprised that the beggar had the most money. She told us that she gambled.

That was the best parts of that Suzhou trip.
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