Madison, Age 14, Logan, OH
As we pass the giraffes, my one year old son squeezes my hand and yells "FISH!"

"No Blake," I say. "These are giraffes."

"FISH!" Blake says again. We move on and stop at the elephants. "Look at the elephants, Blake!"

"FISH!" Blake once again yells. I take him to the alligators, pandas, bears, gorillas, and zebras, and each time, he yells "FISH!" Wondering about Blake's sudden obsession, I decide to take him to the aquarium.

As we walk through the aquarium doors, Blake's eyes grow big. "Fiiiiish," Blake says slowly. He runs toward the huge tank of fish and presses his face against the glass. He jumps up and down and laughs with excitement, watching the fish swim around. He stands at the tank for about twenty minutes, and I just can't pry him away. Then I have an idea—what if he had a fish of his own?

"Come on, Blake." I say. "I have a surprise for you when we get home!"

Blake looks up at me and smiles. "Fish?"
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