Step after Step
Amanda, Age 14, Alameda, CA

Itís out the window and off the roof
Down the driveway lit by the moon
I slip on my running shoes
And make my way toward the bay of blue
Cold air whips at my face
I wince at our embrace
And concentrate on keeping my pace
Itís all darkness except for these streetlights
Wherever I look, my eyes fight
Itís all silence except for my rhythmic breath
But I enjoy this loneliness
Step after step on an empty street
My feet pitter-patter on the concrete
Itís windy and Iím sweaty
But Iím not quite done yet
For once I feel like I know what Iím doing
For once I can keep going
The only aspect of my life where itís all perfect
The only time all the pieces fit
Iím happy, Iím me, Iím free
I run and the sense of control hits me
The rest is history
Iíve been out longer than I shouldíve
Itís time to head back to the neighborhood
Itís back through the window at ten Ďtil two
Pulling off my running shoes
One look across town to the bay of blue
Then itís back to bed and no one knew.

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