The Surprise
Madison, Age 14, Logan, OH
One night Stacey came into her son Lincoln's room and sat on the edge of his bed. Stacey said to Lincoln, "I have a surprise for you tomorrow!" and she left his room. Lincoln could not wait to find out what the surprise was! He thought of everything it could be: a new bike, ice cream, a trip to his uncle's and even a new dog! He completely forgot about how tired he was because he was trying to figure out what the surprise was.

The next morning his mother took Lincoln to the aquarium. He had a great time the whole day! He loved it so much! He got to see alligators, sharks, jelly fish, star fish, sea horses, a whale, a blowfish and more! He took pictures of every single one, too! That night he was lying in his bed looking at all of the pictures that he took that day, but he wanted something to be more special about those pictures. He took the camera into the living room with his mom and explained how he wanted them in a frame. She thought to herself, I can't buy 100+ frames! So she put a movie in and made some popcorn knowing that Lincoln would fall asleep. When he fell asleep she took the camera and went to CVS. She got all of the pictures developed and put them in a photo album. About a week later, she wrapped it up and put it in a gift box and put it out in the mailbox and addressed it to Lincoln Ballenger.

That morning, after breakfast she told Lincoln to go check the mail and so he did. Lincoln came back into the house about out of breath and showed his mom the package. She just smiled and said "Open it!" Lincoln opened it and saw a photo album with a picture of him and a starfish on the front, labelled BEST DAY EVER. After he looked through all of the pictures, he found a card at the bottom that said, "Please come back and join us, we loved your company!" signed, “Your friends with gills.”

Lincoln will never forget the day that the whole aquarium wrote him a letter and gave him a gift.
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