Amanda, Age 14, Alameda, CA

From August to August
The old me has slowly ceased to exist
New values, new morals
Altered hopes and goals
Twelve months says goodbye to that girl
Iím not her anymore
Now I run with a different crowd
I love different people now
And Iíve learned some things
Because knowledge is what time brings
And Iíve changed myself
I donít feel like I still need help
Itís funny to look back to a year ago
Funny to see a girl I no longer know
But whatís even funnier is how itís so bittersweet
Because this yearly change always tends to repeat
And I donít want to let go of the people I care about
Theyíre the adored ones that I canít live without
And in a year I donít want to look back to right now
And laugh because Iím with yet another new crowd
And I want to gain knowledge and become a better me
But I donít know if that exchange can come free
If I could hold onto this moment forever
I would
Because even though Iíll always remember it the same
It doesnít mean it wonít change

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