A Land That's Not So Gray
Rachel (Danni), Age 14, Toronto, ON
My aunt and I, we’ve run away,
To a land that’s not so gray.
It’s a place where animals come to play,
and trees and plant life call my name.
The elephants here are quite superb,
with their green and purple trumpeting trunks.
And their humongous yellow feet,
Leaving indentations oh-so deep.
Today I saw a flying horse,
Soaring above me with a neigh.
And right behind him come to play,
Was a flying pig, striped orange and gray.
But that’s not all!
There was more to come,
For as I slept, I heard a roar.
And right above me, towering high,
Was a gigantic mouse, with a lion’s mane!
It curiously sniffed me then toddled away,
And my aunty laughed and couldn’t help but say,
“What a curious place we’ve come to stay!”
That following morning I was woken
By tickling trees and singing flowers
And a bright blue sun shone through green clouds
Followed by fresh spring rain and lemonade showers
As my aunt and I walked through the forest,
Trees bowed to us and sang sweet greetings,
One of them tipped his broad leafy hat
And even offered me an apple; fresh, round and red.
Oh, we had so much fun that day, my aunty and I!
We rode on butterflies and drank up dew drops.
We ate the sweetest fruits of all
And even made friends of the most polite sort!
There was rabbit, so timid and pretty and kind,
With her soft blue fur and human eyes;
There was bear, the best storyteller of all,
And a flower, who toddled around on her sturdy hind legs.
Yes, we had so much fun, my aunty and I,
Until we received a letter from my mother.
Dear sister, Alice, and my daughter Marie,
I hope that you’ve had much fun without me!
Wonderland is, a place of great joy,
but I fear that the fun must soon be done.
Please come home to me fast, so you can tell
Of all your strange tales and adventures,
And friends, as well.
My aunt winked at me and grasped my hand,
“It seems that we must be getting back!”
I wanted to cry as I bid farewell,
To all my dear new friends, in this bright new world
But they all assured me I would visit again,
For humans never do forget their Wonderland friends!
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