The Person Who Has Had a Big Impact and Influence on Me
Julia, Age 12, Purcellville, VA
Lots of people have made a change in my life, but one stands in front of all of the others. The person I chose is my mom. I chose my mom because she has her ups and downs, but in the end she still loves me. She teaches me the important things in life too. She influences me in very many ways. She also teaches me life lessons for later in life.

My mom has taught me many very important life lessons throughout my life. For example, when I was little, she taught me to sit straight in my chair so I wouldn’t fall out. (In preschool I fell out of my chair a lot.) She influences me to be a good person. She uses my sister as an example for me of what to do and what not to do.

My mom has her bad days too. She has taught me how to act around her when she is mad or upset. When she is mad, I know not to bother her or ask for any unnecessary stuff. She impacts my life when she is mad by giving me “the face.” She also gives me the stern, low voice that warns me to be good. This shows me how to act around certain people when they are angry, upset, or sad.

My mom has influenced me in many ways. She influences me to do my best in everything. She influences me in school, in sports, and in life in general. She influences me to be a nice, good, polite person and I try to be considerate of others all the time. When my mom is sad or upset, I try to cheer her up because she cheers me up when I’m down.

I chose my mom as the person who influences and impacts my life the most. I chose her because she influences me to be a good person. She also teaches me important life lessons for later. She influences me to be the best person I can be. My mom teaches me how to act around people when they are not happy too.
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