Nicole, Age 11, Agat, Guam
Twitter up, twitter down
Twitter in, twitter out
Twitter here, twitter there little birds
You twitter in our house
You twitter on our porch
You twitter in the tree
You just twitter

Have no worries in the world
Flying in the air
With the wind in your feathers
And the wind in your face
Darting up darting down
All young and free
You just twitter twitter twitter

When you're older you must see
You have worries in the world
You have babies to groom
You have babies to feed
You must pick up berries
And early worms
You must care for the babies
With fluffy white feathers
And baby brown eyes
They depend on you, mother
To keep them warm and cozy
To keep them dry

When you’ve taught them to fly
They need no assistance
From their dear mother
They just twitter and fly
Twitter and fly
They have no worries in the world
For they fly in the air
All fresh and young
With the wind in their feathers
And the wind in their face
They dart up and down
Up and down
And twitter twitter twitter
And the cycle starts over again
-- unless they're boys
Then it's a whole different process
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