Chris McMahen. Box of Shocks
Orca, $9.50, ISBN: 9781554699179, 160 pg.
Reviewed by Jessica, Age 9

I hit the water feet first. Water shoots up my nose, my arms, are thrown up above my head, and my swim trunks give me a huge wedgie.

Box of Shocks is about a boy who has wacko parents and finds a box in his basement. He does all these dangerous stunts and moves houses and has to get his box of shocks back from his old house. He does all these crazy thing to get it back.

I liked it when he tries to get a spike from the dog. It is a really funny part of the book.

I liked the whole book. I think any child would like it because you donít know whatís going to happen next and itís so, so funny. I think the characters are believable because the author explains them so much and the book has so much detail.

I give this book five out of five stars.


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