Jim Benton. Dear Dumb Diary #2: My Pants Are Haunted!
Scholastic, $6.99, ISBN: 9780439629041, 340 pg.
Reviewed by Averi, Age 10

Isabella said that it was like the spell of Margaretís makeover, the super fragrance and the haunted pants had been broken.

Dear Dumb Diary #2: My Pants Are Haunted! is about Jamie and her haunted pants. Jamie, Margaret and Isabella go shopping, and Jamieís mom buys pants for her that Jamie thinks are haunted.

My favourite part is when Stinker rips Jamieís pants about three times. I liked this part because it is funny, including the pictures

I liked this book because it is very funny. She thinks her pants are haunted, but they arenít really. She thinks they are because her dog bit the butt off her pants. I would recommend this book to people who like other Dear Dumb Diary books. J

I give this book four out of five stars.


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