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Max, Age 11, Zimbabwe
It all started on my birthday, the 19th of September. I felt humiliated that my birthday was spent on a three day journey in a mobile home. Eventually we got to the Matopos campsite at about 12:00pm. As we waited to find our cabin, my friends and I were trying out our shades. They were very dark! I liked them so much that I was still wearing them as we started walking. The only down side was that I couldnít see. As we were shunted along, I just went along with the crowd, until suddenly one of my feet stepped on thin air!!! The next thing I knew I was in the bottom of a twenty-foot deep pool. It didnít take long to get to the cabin where my teacher piled on bandage after bandage; I counted up to about twenty!!! Since it was already the middle of the night, we dibbed our beds, took a quick shower, and went to bed.

I slept for a few hours, but it felt like seconds. When I realized that it was 6:00 am, I groaned and got the sleep out of my eyes. Breakfast felt amazing after all that junk food on the bus ride. At about 8:00 am we set out on a two hundred mile walk/drive to a place that a lot of people said looked like a huge turtleís back. I was amazed! After that we were taken to see some really old cave paintings where I was picked on. I lay down and posed as a female skeleton while kids took pictures and threw sand. I didnít know time could fly so fast because it was time to get back to camp. On the way we stopped to see the place where a tribe leader, Mzilikazi, had a small fight with some Rhodesians just to spoil their Kelloggís cereal breakfast.

On Tuesday we woke up at the usual cruel early time and went to breakfast. I tried not to sleep, but luckily we didnít do much that day. We went out and came back early to play extreme dodge ball (you have to dodge cannons).

On Wednesday I donít know what happened, but the teachers decided to give us a treat!!!! It turned out to be my favourite day of all. First we went to a museum, which wasnít too bad. It was about evolution and geology; basically it was early man to present day and shiny rocks. Then we got to my favourite part, THE POOL! Apart from the fact that there were crocodiles at the end of the pool, it was awesome. Once everyone had got out, the teachers ordered pizza! Hawaiian, my favourite!

The next part of the trip, although it wasnít as cool as the pool, was still really fun. We got to go to an old train museum where we could go inside the old steam engines. There was also first train in Zimbabwe, sponsored by Cecil John Rhodes. We also did some acting: students were picked to pretend they were back in time and follow the weird script.

The next thing we knew, we were back on the bus going home. I didnít know why, but I felt like I wanted to stay. It was weird because most of the stuff was well... a bit boring and I hated waking up early. As we pulled in through the back entrance of the school, our parents were there to meet us. Waving was the easy part; walking was the harder part. All of us were shoved out of the bus. Almost immediately, we collapsed and fell to the ground. It took a while to learn how to walk but we managed. It was about 4:00 pm. Everyone, apart from myself and few friends, had gone home with their parents. We went into the ICT lab to play a few games. At one point, I noticed we were locked in and were going to camp. After a group decision, we all agreed we were not going to sleep; we were going to play all night!
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