The Four Heroes
Tinashe, Age 11, Zimbabwe
As the legend says, “The time of evil spirits shall arrive, but as evil approaches us a group of four young heroes shall be formed. They will possess the four elements passed on from generation to generation. When the time comes, they shall use their powers to defeat the evil spirits and will vanquish them for the last time.”

I am TJ and this is my story. I am eighteen years old and have a wide sided Mohawk, and I am quite tall. I am very likable and talk too much. I am at the top of my class and the captain of the soccer team. Let me start at the beginning of my extraordinary journey to greatness.

It starts in the parking lot where Jack my best friend and I were waiting for our rides to go home. Jack is a tall muscular boy who is really good natured and has a normal haircut.

I said to Jack, “Finally, we are out of out of school. And I have an amazing holiday planned.”

”I know what you mean, but it’s not exactly summer holiday here,” Jack replied with an upset look.

I gave him a smile and said to him, “I know, but I am going to Japan and it’s summer there.”

“Great. So when are you leaving?” he asked me with a look of envy on his face.

“Tomorrow,” I said.

He looked at me with a shocked face and screamed, “Dude! You got to go pack your bags.”

I replied “I already did, so do not stress over it.” His ride came and he said goodbye to me. Then my dad came and immediately told me the new summer holiday plan.

I was disappointed to hear from my father that I would no longer be going to join the rest of the family at the five stars Lilly Pad Resort. Instead, I was going to spend my summer with my grandfather at his jungle shack on the outskirts of Kyoto, Japan. I was actually delighted because my grandfather is great fun and shows me the good side of things, even when they are bad.

I went to bed and thought about what I was getting into. When I woke up the next morning, I decided to embrace the decision my dad had made. I told him at breakfast that I was happy to visit my grandfather, and he was filled with joy to hear my positive attitude.

We left for the airport at 7:00 am to catch our plane. On the way to the airport, my dad kept on saying, “TJ, you are doing the right thing.” When we got to the airport, my mom and dad rushed to the check-in desk and checked our bags through to Kyoto, Japan. Once we were settled in our seats and the plane took off, I fell asleep almost immediately and had a frightening dream. I was in a hot and humid landscape, and all I could see for a hundred miles was red hot fire. Before I could even turn my body, I saw a ferocious red dragon appear out of thin air. It was the size of the Empire State Building, and it resembled my grandfather. I had just got into the dream when my dad woke me up to tell me that we were landing very soon.

Once we got our bags, my dad hired a car and we headed off to my grandfather’s shack. When we were about to turn off onto the road to my grandfather’s shack, my dad turned to the other side of the road.

I asked him why.  But he said, “ Be quiet, I know what I am doing.”  So I just kept quiet.

He stopped the car and told me to get out the car and start walking with him. When we got to a dead end that was unfamiliar to me, my dad told me to stop. He got into a fighting position and thrust his right arm and a flash of fire came out, and he did the same with his left hand. He then took a deep breath and when he let the air out a blast of blazing red fire came out.

As I stood there in shock, I screamed, “What are you?”

He replied with a serious look: “I am the current master of the dragon flame.” I then knew I was getting into something serious.

After that, a door and a symbol appeared from the earth beneath us. The symbol was made up of two dragons facing each other. He then told me I was going to be the next generation leader of the four heroes. I asked myself if I should accept the responsibility of such a group, as this was no ordinary group but a special one and I would be the one responsible for their lives. I was entering a new chapter of my life.

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