Friday the Thirteenth
Chipo, Age 12, Zimbabwe
The night was quiet on this fine Friday. It was the thirteenth of October; nevertheless, this was always a good day, until something happened at the mansion of Maroon, located in Pennsylvania. It was a happy place, until the year 2016. I, Laura Giovani, had to make a choice. I could either save my family, or become immortal. Trust me when I say that not every experience has a happy ending. Let me tell you my story.

I was walking alone on the left side of Death Way Avenue. I heard a few stories about this place, but I didn't believe them. It was misty in the dark blue sky. You could barely see the full moon and stars. It was a dangerous time to be sneaking out to a party, but I did it anyway! I was so excited; I didn’t even think of someone watching me. Did I believe in ghosts? Did I think zombies were real? Definitely NOT! The dark, I was not afraid of it!

At this point I had already walked two blocks; one more block until I reached the party, and I wasn’t walking alone! I heard something saying, “Come here Laura.” It sounded like the quiet whisper of a…BFF! I knew that my friends were walking to the party trying to pull a prank on me!

“Do they think I'm stupid?” They knew I didn't believe in mythical creatures. “Olivia, come out now, I know it’s you! I can see you walking up to me. Why aren’t … Olivia, what?”

I saw a dim light moving, faded like a ghost…but I wouldn’t believe it! It kept coming closer, saying, “Join me.” Then I heard laughing like four packs of hyenas, so loud the whole city could hear it! I shivered hard, like a naked mole rat! I couldn't be more scared.

My brain told me to run, fast! I ran as fast as I could, since the closest place I could go to was the party, I went there. When I saw the house, I realized it was dark and quiet. Maybe it was Halloween themed! It’s Friday the thirteenth, you never know. I sprinted in with no air left in my body, but that wasn’t the issue. I had to tell everyone that a ghost was behind me coming to possess us!

“Everybody, I…”

Nobody was in the house. Just a lot of cobwebs! One read something, saying, “ Luk behnd u…,” so I did and all of a sudden emotions, thoughts, and regrets came into my mind. “Why did I do this? I never should have snuck out! I haven't even gotten through high school yet!” At that moment, my life flashed before my eyes, as I turned to see… a ghost! He had one eye in the middle of his forehead, a very short but sharp wooden stick for an arm, a crusty copper hook for a leg, evil slithery snakes for a beard, yellow buck-teeth, and disgusting green slime growing on his head!

“Hello there,” he said deeply.

“What do you want from me?” I asked with liquid dripping from my skinny jeans.

“What do you think I want, Laura? I'm a ghost. But if I have to tell you, ghosts will rule the world!”

“How do you know my name? Whatever, oh and your ghosts rule the world idea…bite me!” I shouted bravely.

“That can be arranged”, he whispered.

And then a dark figure came walking slowly down the squeaky brown steps. Some of them were not even there, but the figure still managed to step over them. My guess is that it was immortal as well! Finally it had reached the last step. A vampire! She had red stilettos, black stockings with a lot of blood, a tight short black dress, a necklace that had the word kill on her neck, and dark brunette hair.

“Hi, Laura, did you miss me?” she asked

“Who are you?” I shouted

“Don’t you remember me? I’m that evil vampire that kept haunting your dreams. You told all your friends at school that you wanted to become a vampire. Remember?” she asked

“Yeah. But how did you know that?” I questioned

“Do you see this ghost floating in front of you? He’s our boss! I used to be a young pretty girl like you, Laura, except I didn't have a family! So this ghost came looking for me, and I joined them, now I couldn't be happier! You have all the freedom you want, you eat all the people you want, you live forever and so much more!” she explained.

“ That’s true, but there are cons to being immortal!” I said.

“I’m listening.”

“I actually don’t know. Maybe being immortal is a good thing!”

“Smart girl. So for this bite, do you want it on the right side of your neck or the left side?” she asked.

At first I hesitated to answer; then I thought of something when she asked that. I had always dreamed about her, and she was here, asking the exact same questions she asked in my dreams…

“I’m dreaming!” I shouted. “No way can this be happening.” But I was wrong—this was really happening!

“You're not dreaming. Haven't you always wanted to become…a vampire?!” Whitney asked.

She wasn't wrong; I wanted to be a vampire, but now that it was actually about to happen, I didn't know.

“Let me make it harder on you; it makes you think faster. It’s either we possess you and you become one of us, haunting the earth, or we kill your parents, and they become our new piñatas at parties!”

It was a tough choice; if I picked the second option, my parents would die slow and painfully! If I picked the first option, I was hurting my parents and myself. What to do?
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