The Ghost Pirates
Vilveshwer, Age 12, Zimbabwe
The City of Fronted, on the west coast of Ireland, was known to be a ghost city. Many people there had died, both pirates and citizens. However, there were also good things that the people believed in, and they were Magical Leprechauns.

Nike, a new boy, moved into the City of Fronted to live, but he did not know anything about the place, so he asked someone he saw around the corner just near his new house. Nike asked him his name and if there was anything he should know about this city. The man replied, “I am a wizard and there is a legend that there are ghosts in this city. They come on the nights of a full moon only. They always take away one family member from each house, but they can’t touch me!"

As Nike walked to his house, he saw a thick white cloud of mist was rapidly approaching him. Nike walked faster to his house and entered quickly. He felt safe inside because he did not want to stay outside in the mist. He looked out at the mist until he got tired. Since it was getting dark and the mist was still there, Nike decided to go to bed and wait to see if the mist was still there the next morning.

When Nike woke up, late at 10:00 the next morning, he saw the mist still there, but nothing would stop him from buying pizza for lunch. He went straight to the center of the city where the Galena Pizza shop was located. When he got there, he bought vegetarian pizza because he was a vegetarian.

Nike bought a small one and took it back home to eat. The mist did not bother him at all because he was hungry and he could smell the delicious pizza. Just after arriving home, Nike heard a scream coming from outside. He quickly left his pizza on the table and left his house to see what it was. Entering his garden, he saw on his left a ghost pirate and on his right a ghostly pirate ship full of fierce pirates coming up the road directly towards him.

Nike ran away as fast as he could. While running, he saw an old mansion, in which he decided to hide. As he entered, the door just closed behind him, so did the windows. The curtains were drawn, making everything very dark.

He crept around in the darkness trying to find a way out. As his eyes adjusted to the dim light, he saw a chink of light coming from a doorway. However, when he tried to open the door, it was stuck, so he used his strength to open it by taking something he felt beside him to break open the door. It was a small statue of Athena, the ancient Greek goddess. Taking it, he smashed it against the door, causing it to slam open.
When he rushed out, he saw nobody. The mist was gone, and so were the ghosts. The ghost pirate ship was no longer on his right. Nothing was on his right, but when he looked to his left he saw a ghostly pirate galleon sailing up the road with many pirates ready to attack him. Nike ran to his right as fast as he could.

While running he saw the wizard eating a donut. He remembered talking to him the first day he arrived. Nike stopped and talked to the wizard. He looked left - no pirate ship - and then he looked right- no pirate ship. He asked what had happened to the others and how the wizard could still be there eating a donut. The wizard replied by saying that the ghosts could not touch or hurt him because he could kill them very easily with a spell and with the help of his little friends –the magical leprechauns.
Nike asked the wizard to give him the spell to get rid of all the ghosts, which he did. The wizard gave him the spell and so Nike took it to the pirates’ ship where he recited the spell’s words:

“Ghosts ghosts go away
Never come again
We want all the people back but you
We want to live happily ever after.”

At first Nike thought that this spell was crazy because it sounded like “Rain, rain go away.” However, suddenly little green, magical leprechauns parachuted down from the sky holding onto four-leafed shamrocks. They started waving their hands and saying a spell which he didn’t understand.

Straight after this, all the pirates disappeared, and all the people who had gone missing came back. Nike thought to himself that the wizard’s little friends, the leprechauns, truly were magical. While he was thinking this, they went flying back to the sky where they belonged. Nike turned to the wizard and said, “Thank you!” and he went back home.
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