Barbara Smucker. Incredible Jumbo
Penguin, $8.99, ISBN: 0670829706, 171 pg.
Reviewed by Jaida, Age 9

A boiling African sun sank slowly into the sea. It blazed blood-red for an instant and then scattered into a glitter of gold as it slid under the water of the Indian Ocean. The gold light focused on an elephant family of twelve huddled around a towering mother with long, straight tusks.

Incredible Jumbo is about an elephant that lives in a zoo and is transferred to a circus with a boy named Todd and a man named Scott. He is the head of the show and the best character in the book. Although when Todd is attached to Jumbo, Jumbo moves to the circus and Todd stows away on the ship. He is scared of leaving his mother when she’s very sick.

My favourite part of Incredible Jumbo is when they attach a howdah to Jumbo’s back and Todd is the first and only person to ride on Jumbo’s back.

I really liked this book because it is very interesting and fun. I think anyone would like this book if they like adventures. In Incredible Jumbo I think the characters are very believable and able to catch the moment of emotion very easily. I greatly like the way Barbara Smucker wrote Incredible Jumbo.

I would give this book five out of five stars


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