Rainy Day
Nicole, Age 11, Agat, Guam
The clouds are getting black and heavy
the world is getting dark and gloomy
people running fast for shelter
because it's about to rain
big drop little drops
huge drops small drops
falling from the dark dark sky
I don't think that anyone does
love the rain as much as I
I love to splish I love to splash
in puddles on the road
I love to feel the rain drops on my skin
and on my nose
I love to hear the crashing thunder
like loud steady drums
after all the thunder that's when the lightning comes
its mysterious yellow lights just sweep across the sky
then boom it strikes again at speeds much quicker than the eye
its booming now has started to cease
the lights no longer fill the sky
silence now has filled the air
the sky is lighter then oh my
the clouds are getting white and fluffy
the world is getting bright and gay
people smiling at each other
now it is a sunny day!
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